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April 28, 29, 30
Thompson Road Baptist Church - Lexington, KY

February 2014 Mission Sheetsas a PDF!

MIKE AND BEV CREIGLOW— PRAISE GOD for good visits 290 miles up-river with five missionaries in four villages. 

JOHN AND ALTA HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for being able to celebrate nearly 60 years of service in Brazil with the pastors and people in Urai. PRAY for them as they transition to a year-long furlough. 

JOHN MARK AND JUDY HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for the ways He’s blessing their investment (and your investment!) in France. PRAY the believers there would be encouraged. PRAY for those who are seeking truth. 

PAUL AND WANDA HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for one new church organized in Coroado and one ordained to pastoral ministry. PRAISE GOD for one family who moved to a capital city in a northeastern state of Brazil to start a new church plant. PRAY that this family will fully rely on God to overcome all challenges and as they seek the best location to rent, make new friends, evangelize, and disciple new believers. PRAY for them as they transition to a year-long furlough with their parents. 

NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORD—PRAISE GOD for insight on raising “third culture” kids. PRAY God would give them wisdom as they raise their children. PRAY as they prepare to return to Kenya, all the logistics of packing and what to take and what to leave behind. PRAY Carrie would be able to obtain the permit that is necessary to continue the hospital ministry upon their return in June. 

SHERIDAN AND ANITA STANTON—PRAISE GOD for the help of three from the States to train Peruvians how to drywall. PRAISE GOD for how they were also able to help a church in a mountain town with their building. 

ROGER AND JULIE TATE—PRAISE GOD for time they were able to spend with family and friends while on furlough. PRAY for them as they adjust back to life in Kenya. PRAY for God to lead them to a rental house to train in and to send them faithful men they can teach to teach others. 

BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASER—PRAISE GOD for working through the team of young people from Brandon, Florida to share the Gospel in parks and with over 6,000 students and teachers in public schools. PRAISE GOD for using Charlene to share His love through ESL Classes—and especially for His work in the heart of Ana Paula. 

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"As the Father has sent Me, so I send you."

- John 20:21

Missionaries Kenya

Nathan & Carrie Radford

Roger & Julie Tate


Kenya is located in East Africa and gained independence in 1963. Although Kenya is the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, poor economic practices have limited Kenya's growth. The Kenyan people tend to depend on the missionary and western funds very heavily. Of the 43 million people who live in Kenya, 45% claim to be Protestant (mainly a works-based salvation), 33% are Roman Catholic, 10% are Muslim, and 10% indigenous beliefs. The official language is Swahili and $1.00 US = 84.15 Kenyan shillings.

Akawaambia, ``Nendeni ulimwenguni kote, mkawahubirie watu wote Habari Njema.
Marko 16:15



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