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MIKE AND BEV CREIGLOWPRAISE GOD for time to train in Pé da Terra. PRAISE GOD for the 32 baptisms at First Baptist Cruizeiro do Sul last month! PRAY for the 7 chapels around town—especially the new one that is about to open. PRAISE GOD for a great missions conference and new missionaries being sent out! PRAISE GOD for the organization of a new church!

JOHN AND ALTA HATCHERPRAISE GOD for the opportunity to visit faithful prayer supporters and giving friends in Florida. PRAY for their continued health and strength. PRAISE GOD for time with family and opportunities to witness.

JOHN MARK AND JUDY HATCHERPRAISE GOD for reconnecting with some people and making new friends at their annual neighborhood dinner. PRAY for their new English Club ministry they will be starting within the next year. PRAY for Philip, Amanda, and their family, and also Wendy who all serve in France with them.

PAUL AND WANDA HATCHERPRAISE GOD for evangelistic opportunities in Manaus during the World Cup. PRAY for those who professed faith in Christ, that they may grow in the Lord and be steadfast. PRAISE GOD for improving Pastor Adolfo’s eye problems. PRAISE GOD for visits with family and friends.

AJ AND BARBARA HENSLEYPRAISE GOD for fruit from the group dedicated to evangelism! PRAY for these new believers and for their church members as they learn to be disciplers. PRAISE GOD for the youth who served at the orphanage and lives that were changed. PRAY for the inmates and the visitors that are planning to minister to them this month.

NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORDPRAISE GOD for a safe return to Kenya. PRAY for them as they wait to hear a response on Carrie’s permit so she can continue the hospital ministry. PRAY also for their church planting plans and the prison ministry.

SHERIDAN AND ANITA STANTONPRAISE GOD for continued progress on the new building for the Calvary Baptist Mission-Church! PRAISE GOD for 40 years of marriage, a memorable trip, and a visit from the Griffins! PRAY for those Sheridan continues to counsel and the pastors in the Monday night Bible class.

ROGER AND JULIE TATEPRAISE GOD for the promise that “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” PRAY for Bro. Roger as he seeks to be a more wholly surrendered servant. PRAY that God would do an even greater work in his heart—and in your own!

BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASERPRAISE GOD for opportunities to share Christ at World Cup venues and PRAY for the seeds that were planted! PRAISE GOD for the team from Arizona who ministered to the homeless. PRAISE GOD for the third anniversary of their church. 

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"As the Father has sent Me, so I send you."

- John 20:21

Missionaries Kenya

Nathan & Carrie Radford

Roger & Julie Tate


Kenya is located in East Africa and gained independence in 1963. Although Kenya is the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, poor economic practices have limited Kenya's growth. The Kenyan people tend to depend on the missionary and western funds very heavily. Of the 43 million people who live in Kenya, 45% claim to be Protestant (mainly a works-based salvation), 33% are Roman Catholic, 10% are Muslim, and 10% indigenous beliefs. The official language is Swahili and $1.00 US = 84.15 Kenyan shillings.

Akawaambia, ``Nendeni ulimwenguni kote, mkawahubirie watu wote Habari Njema.
Marko 16:15



Thursday - August 28, 2014
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