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Thank you to all who joined us at our 56th Annual Spring Missions Conference in Lexington, KY! “Every disciple...a disciple-maker!” Matthew 28.19 We had a great time of fellowship and were challenged by 10 speakers over 3 days. You can read some excerpts from each sermon by visiting our Facebook page and searching for #BFMspring2016.


ODALI AND KATHY BARROS—PRAISE GOD for a time of fellowship at camp. PRAY that the ones riding buses to church from the small communities will trust the Lord as Savior. PRAISE GOD for all the men who are willing to serve!

MIKE AND BEVERLY CREIGLOW—PRAISE GOD for working in the life of Damiana! PRAY as they continue preaching to the 4 Indian tribes in Peru, especially the Kaxinauá. PRAY for Cosma to be saved.

JOHN MARK AND JUDY HATCHER—PRAISE GOD for the many opportunities Philip & Amanda have to minister to young people! PRAY for the college-aged girls who are studying 1 Peter. PRAISE GOD for using ordinary (and sometimes painful) things to deepen relationships with others!

AJ AND BARBARA HENSLEY—PRAISE GOD for health improvements and PRAY AJ would continue to recover well and tolerate the treatments. PRAISE GOD for 20 years on the mission field! PRAY for funds to finish the outside of their building.

NATHAN AND CARRIE RADFORD—PRAISE GOD for Camille turning five! PRAY for Christopher, a national they are training. PRAY for the prisoners as they faithfully study God’s Word. PRAY Nathan’s prison permit would be renewed. PRAISE GOD for new friends on the mission field!

ROGER AND JULIE TATE—PRAISE GOD for the opportunity to teach Old Testament History at a local Bible college! PRAY for the Kenyan students who were eager to learn. PRAY for their children as they are now out of the house for most of the year. PRAISE GOD for who He is!

BOBBY AND CHARLENE WACASER—PRAISE GOD for opportunities to make Him known! PRAY for Cody. PRAY for Bobby’s father. PRAY for the group from Florida that is teaming up with Projeto Vida to witness in the public schools!

Have you ever wondered what happens with the money given to the General Fund or why you should give to it? We encourage you to flip through this stunning new brochure that will tell you what services your General Fund offerings provide. 

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"As the Father has sent Me, so I send you."

- John 20:21

Missionaries Kenya

Nathan & Carrie Radford

Roger & Julie Tate


Kenya is located in East Africa and gained independence in 1963. Although Kenya is the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, poor economic practices have limited Kenya's growth. The Kenyan people tend to depend on the missionary and western funds very heavily. Of the 43 million people who live in Kenya, 45% claim to be Protestant (mainly a works-based salvation), 33% are Roman Catholic, 10% are Muslim, and 10% indigenous beliefs. The official language is Swahili and $1.00 US = 84.15 Kenyan shillings.

Akawaambia, ``Nendeni ulimwenguni kote, mkawahubirie watu wote Habari Njema.
Marko 16:15



Friday - May 27, 2016
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